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Focus on Practicing Law, Not Tagging and Uploading Email and Documents

At MetaJure, we believe that technology should work for you, not create more work. Current-generation document management systems require you to spend valuable time uploading, profiling and managing your documents—the same documents you already named and saved when you created them on your computer! No wonder empirical studies show that over half of the documents in a typical legal organization never make it into the document management system.

Automation is the Answer

Wouldn’t a better system do the work for you, and then automatically find any document in your organization regardless of location when you type in a few words—just like Google finds information on the Web? That is the thinking behind MetaJure Smart DMS, an entirely new approach to DMS. MetaJure Smart DMS automates email and document collecting, tagging and profiling, creates a knowledge base of 100% of your organization’s email and documents (including image-based documents like PDFs and TIFFs) and allows you to find information quickly and easily.

Work How You Want to Work

Lawyers are quite proficient at organizing their own email and the documents on their PCs with descriptive folders and file names that track workflow. MetaJure Smart DMS respects the system you already have in place. It automatically finds and catalogs all documents, whether on individual computers, your network, or other systems and in all of the programs you use, including Outlook and Word. Most importantly, it incorporates the file names and folders that make sense to you, making retrieval intuitive and easy. We call it a Smart DMS because it captures all the intelligence that already exists in your email and documents.

Find What You’re Looking for as Easily as Searching the Web

Finding files and information is as simple as a search on the Web. MetaJure’s clean Google-like interface is familiar and intuitive and the results are almost always “spot on.” Just type in a few words and hit “Find.” Immediately, all of your work products and those of your firm or legal department are at your fingertips. If needed, you can filter the results by location, file type and date.

Control How You Share Your Knowledge

Have you ever received a broadcast email from a colleague asking if anyone has a specific type of document or worked on a specific type of issue or transaction? In many organizations, this happens almost daily because current generation document management systems are so ineffective at capturing organizational knowledge. MetaJure Smart DMS solves this problem while at the same time giving every user complete control over the sharing of her or his documents. MetaJure users select the co-workers they want to share with, and then decide which of their documents to share. You can also determine whether to share your email with attachments, attachments alone, or neither. MetaJure is your ideal tool for easily empowering your client teams and practice groups.

Enhance Your Mobile Practice

With MetaJure Smart DMS you can instantly access all documents from your mobile device, smart phone, and tablet and easily read or forward them to a client or colleague.