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No document management system?

Learn how MetaJure can make your practice more efficient with automatic document management.

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Large set of documents to review?

Let MetaJure’s intuitive interface and powerful search engine do the work for you.


Solving a problem every attorney faces: how to search prior work product (briefs, letters, emails, contracts, research, memos, etc.) to instantly find the document you need. Strategically designed for small and mid-size firms, MetaJure works seamlessly with the way your firm is already managing and saving documents.


Empowering Lawyers, Law firms and legal departments

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“I’d highly recommend this product to my colleagues looking for better tools to organize and access institutional data easily and efficiently.”

LAM NGUYEN-BULLVP, General Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer – Foss Maritime

“MetaJure takes a user-friendly approach to document management….It does the work for you.”

BOB AMBROGI Publisher – LawSites

“Applications such as MetaJure that are able to ingest and retrieve critical documents are incredibly important. This kind of technology which provides ease of use, low barriers to entry, and accuracy is more essential now than ever before.”

JESSE ALEXANDERVP LexisNexis Managed Technology Services – LexisNexis

“MetaJure is easy and cost-effective. There’s no way we could efficiently practice without it. It’s saving us hundreds of hours.”

ERIN SCHADENAttorney and Legal Administrator – Herring Law Group

“We have a lot of client data in our system and with MetaJure, we can get our hands on things that wouldn’t even occur to lawyers using conventional methods.”

JAMES KOSAPartner – Deeth Williams Wall