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Imagine a Fully Automated Knowledge Management System that Saves Your Attorneys and Staff Hundreds of Hours Every Year



As the professional in charge of managing your law firm or legal department, you know that your most important assets are the knowledge and experience of your people.  That is why carefully managing their documents, emails and work product is so important.  Studies show, however, that the current generation of document management tools that most organizations use fall far short of their promise.  In fact, despite significant efforts to collect and file information, less than 50% of the documents created in most legal organizations actually make it into their DMS, resulting in lost opportunities and increased professional risk.

At MetaJure, We Have a Better Idea

MetaJure takes an entirely new approach to document management.  MetaJure automates email and document collecting, tagging and profiling, starting with your lawyers’ and staff’s PCs, and includes all network drives and repositories, including other document management systems.  So instead of being a partial store of documents, MetaJure creates a knowledge base of 100% of your organization’s documents and email.  Then, it makes that knowledge along with your other network-based information available quickly and easily—just like Google finds information on the Web.  The results are significant:

  • Boosted Efficiency.  The average knowledge worker spends over three hours every week filing and organizing information.   An organization of just 10 people spends more than 1,500 hours every year – as much as a full time employee –tagging, profiling and uploading documents.  MetaJure automates this process, allowing lawyers and staff to focus on more productive priorities.
  • Improved Work Product.  MetaJure ensures that your lawyers and staff have easy, immediate access to 100% of your legacy knowledge, not just a fraction of it.  That means they can leverage the latest and best knowledge that exists in your organization—which is key to maintaining your competitive advantage and to producing high quality work product.
  • Enhanced Collaboration.  MetaJure makes information sharing effortless between lawyers, legal professionals, and staff.  Once shared, users can quickly find relevant information on their own, instead of having to send the all-too-familiar broadcast email asking for sample work product or who has experience with a particular matter or client.
  • Reduced Professional Risk.  Lawyers have a longstanding professional obligation to retain and provide clients with their requested records and documents – even long after closing a representation.  In a world where email traffic exceeds 70 messages per person per day, meeting this obligation can be a significant and costly challenge.  With MetaJure, capturing client communications and records is automated, making retrieving client information a quick and comprehensive process.

The Benefits of MetaJure Go Directly to Your Bottom-Line

  • Each hour that your attorneys and staff save can be put to productive use –focusing on the activities that produce real value for your law firm or legal department.
  • Easily finding information means that your attorneys and staff spend less time recreating work product, which improves project turn-around times and decreases write-downs and write-offs for law firms.
  • Putting complete knowledge at the fingertips of your team members improves communication and productivity.  More importantly, the risk of repeating past mistakes is greatly reduced.

Priced Competitively for Organizations of All Sizes

Priced competitively, MetaJure products are SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings with annual fees that cover all users and their devices in your organization. We are constantly improving MetaJure software products with new features.  All updates and improvements are included in your yearly fee as is the crawling, indexing and tagging of all new data produced by your law firm or department.