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Shine a Light on your Case Records with MetaJure SPOTLIGHT™ and SPOTLIGHT OCR


Clients expect value for every dollar they spend with you. So, using technology solutions at the scale that fits your case is essential for today’s modern practice. While every case requires thorough and smart analysis, not every case justifies expensive eDiscovery software. Now, there’s a better way.

When litigation teams need an easy tool to access and analyze documents quickly from opposing counsel or when lawsuits aren’t large enough to justify huge investments in complex eDiscovery tools, SPOTLIGHT is the answer.

“MetaJure SPOTLIGHT Makes Early Case Assessments Financially Feasible and Fast.” Read the review by TechnoLawyer here. 


MetaJure SPOTLIGHT is an easy tool to access and analyze documents that is designed for today’s busy lawyer. In just hours, SPOTLIGHT can be installed behind a firm’s secure fire wall. SPOTLIGHT quickly and automatically indexes all of the documents and data pertaining to a case, regardless of format, and makes the information immediately searchable. There are no time-consuming data conversions and, with SPOTLIGHT’s intuitive search engine, you can find and analyze what you need without wasting a moment. SPOTLIGHT is also available to organizations that prefer to work in MetaJure’s secure Cloud location.

And, now, MetaJure offers SPOTLIGHT OCR, our expedited scanning and indexing service that’s ideal for large scale projects.

How SPOTLIGHT and SPOTLIGHT OCR save you time and money

Whether you are preparing for litigation, beginning the due diligence for an internal investigation or business transaction, or responding to discovery, MetaJure SPOTLIGHT gives you an easy-to-use, powerful tool. With SPOTLIGHT, lawyers can quickly filter, analyze and spot the critical documents and information they need. Plus, exporting is a breeze.

And when you need accelerated scanning and imaging for large scale projects, MetaJure offers SPOTLIGHT OCR. In just days, MetaJure will deliver all your data indexed, OCR’d and easily searchable from one location in SPOTLIGHT.

SPOTLIGHT and SPOTLIGHT OCR are your tools for an efficient practice

  • Easy Document Production – Quickly gather relevant records and easily export your information for a third party or discovery response.
  • Smart Risk Assessment – Evaluate the need for an internal investigation, review for privilege or understand your clients’ records to determine the strength of your case.
  • Fast Case Strategy– Review a large group of documents quickly to identify the important information that will build your arguments.


Easy Access and Sharing of Case Information—Your case documents are quickly collected into one location where you can easily search and share them with co-counsel, your client and members of your team.

Focused Search with No DuplicatesSearch the information and scope what you need just by clicking a link to a simple, Google-like interface on your PC or mobile device. MetaJure SPOTLIGHT eliminates duplicates from your search results while preserving a record of how many duplicates there are and where they are located, in case you need to retrieve them.

Automatic OCR for Full Text Search—Image-only records are no longer a problem either, as SPOTLIGHT automatically OCRs and then indexes all of these records, ensuring all of the text is including in your searches.

Easy Export—Export a subset of records to a thumb drive for a deposition, trial or to deliver to opposing counsel with just a simple mouse click.

Trusted Security—For those firms that prefer a Cloud location, MetaJure’s private cloud is hosted by LexisNexis™.

Fast Installation with Minimal IT Involvement—SPOTLIGHT is generally installed in just a few hours and requires very little time from your busy IT staff.

Smart Pricing—Traditional eDiscovery products are often priced by the size of your files so costs can easily spiral out of control. SPOTLIGHT, on the other hand, gives you the power to manage the costs of every case with fixed pricing, starting as low as $1,000 per case per year. SPOTLIGHT OCR, our expedited service is  priced competitively to give you the edge you need.

Finally, you can focus your valuable time evaluating information, not sorting it.

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