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Why Choose MetaJure Smart DMS?  Because Manual Document Management Doesn’t Capture Everything.

MetaJure was developed by lawyers who were frustrated with the state of document and email management in their law firms and legal departments. They had experienced first-hand how document management products demanded time-consuming tagging and uploading, not to mention data conversion, set-up, and taxonomy development. As a result, their systems contained only a fraction of the total documents in their organizations and finding anything in these systems was an overly complicated task. This was especially worrisome given attorneys’ ethical obligations to maintain and deliver client information upon request.

Now, There is a Better Way

MetaJure’s founders saw how Google could catalog and retrieve information throughout the vast World Wide Web, and thought, Why not use the same approach in our law firms and legal departments?

The result is MetaJure—the automated system that takes all the work out of document management. MetaJure automatically captures 100% of the knowledge in your organization and quickly retrieves the information you need when you need it using powerful algorithms. We call it Smart Document Management.


The Benefits of MetaJure Smart DMS

  • Boost productivity with immediate access to 100% of your documents and email
  • Create significant opportunities to improve your efficiency, profitability and competitiveness
  • Improve compliance with your ethical obligations and reduce the risk of losing documents and files

Save Hours — MetaJure users save hours every week because they do not have to manually tag and file documents into their DMS.  Retrieval, once a challenging task of remembering client numbers, matter numbers and a host of other document property fields, is now a simple search just like on the Web—with first page results overwhelmingly being “spot-on.”

Ensure Your Knowledge is Complete — Administrators can rest assured that lawyers and staff have immediate access to everything on a given topic not just what has made it into the system.  And MetaJure quickly integrates pre-existing work product from new attorneys, new clients, or businesses without costly, time-consuming data conversion, which can greatly simplify the process of merging law firms, hiring laterals and completing corporate acquisitions.

Why MetaJure Smart DMS Makes Sense for Today’s Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

Here are just a few reasons why MetaJure is right for today’s law firms and legal departments:
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How Smart DMS Works

MetaJure Smart Document Management System (DMS) automatically crawls, indexes, and tags all of the documents, folders, and email within a law firm or corporate legal department, whether on personal computers, network drives, or other storage sites.  Documents and email stored on vulnerable locations such as individual PCs are copied and centrally stored for secure retrieval.  All of this knowledge is then made accessible to your users through a simple, Google-like search that honors any and all underlying permission structures.