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MetaJure ILLUMINATE™ – FAST, EASY ACCESS to 100% of the Knowledge in Your Law Firm or Legal Department


An Affordable DMS Supplement

With attorneys handling more than 26,000 documents every year—70 per day—email and document management have become major challenges for every modern law firm and legal department.

A 70-person Seattle law firm contacted us early this year. They had launched a new document management system last year. But, despite the expense and time of the installation, their IT group faced what to do with two terabytes of unstructured legacy data. Converting and loading the old documents and email was prohibitively expensive and time consuming but leaving the information in a separate share drive made this gold mine of information difficult to access, turning it into “dark data.” Until they found ILLUMINATE.

Although half of US firms have a document management system, more than 50% of their emails and documents are outside their DMS.  Legal departments face a similar challenge.

MetaJure ILLUMINATE brings all of this information to light.  ILLUMINATE automatically captures, OCR’s and indexes all of the documents, folders, and email within a law firm or legal department, including the information on personal computers, network drives, or other dedicated storage sites such as Microsoft® SharePoint®, Worldox®, and NetDocuments®  –  without disrupting the data.  It makes all of the information easily accessible through an intuitive, Google-like interface, and enables sharing permissions that lawyers can easily customize.

A Search Tool for Legacy Data, Hidden Repositories & Unique Data Locations

Firms and organizations need fast, easy access to the information often locked in legacy repositories, discovery files and proprietary systems. But, since traditional solutions require tagging and profiling of legacy data and email or expensive data conversion to migrate files, much of this information often doesn’t make it into the DMS.  That means key knowledge is not easily available to the attorneys and staff, depriving them of the very intellectual property that gives them a competitive advantage. Until now.

Firms and organizations are using ILLUMINATE today to unlock their knowledge and access:

  • Legacy data and unstructured information on file shares
  • Case files, including documents from both clients and opposing counsel
  • Dedicated or special network drives, such as those that include only email

Smart Pricing

ILLUMINATE is a SaaS product that is priced for firms and organizations with a traditional document management system.  The annual fee for ILLUMINATE starts as low as $2,500/year.

Finally, An Easy and Powerful Solution to Access 100% of the Knowledge Inside Your Law Firm or Legal Department!

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