Document Management and Flossing Have a Lot in Common

Every lawyer knows it’s important to manage their documents and emails so that they find things in the future.  But, no one wants to admit that they just don’t get around to putting all of their information in the right place all the time. Kind of sounds like our collective commitment to flossing: most of us know it’s important, but few of us actually get around to it.

How big is the problem of collecting and finding information inside a law firm? Why should firms care about document management? MetaJure Co-Founder Marty Smith explained the basics of document management at a presentation this week in Seattle for EvolveLaw.

The truth is that attorneys are sending or receiving more information every year–more than 26,000 emails and/or documents annually, according to MetaJure’s data. And, the number is growing.  No wonder law firms are scrambling to find the right solution for managing all of that information.

Smith pointed to recent studies showing that half of all small US law firms do not have a formal document management system in place. In his brief slide deck, he lays out the real benefits of document management, and reviews the difference between traditional approaches based on a paper filing paradigm and a new approach that is based on search engine paradigms and works in concert with existing systems.

Long term, he encourages every lawyer and their firm to have a document management system in place, especially now that an affordable, easy solution is available. “The price of ignoring your information,” he concludes, “will far outweigh the cost of investing in some technology.”

Kind of like ignoring the floss in your bathroom cabinet….

Download Marty’s slide deck here.