Gaining Momentum: MetaJure Adds Customer Success Director

Attorney Elise Fandrich brings firsthand experience to help law firms improve efficiency and responsiveness to their clients

MetaJure today announced the addition of attorney Elise Fandrich, the company’s new Director of Customer Success. Fandrich will focus on helping lawyers discover new ways to access firm knowledge quickly and efficiently using MetaJure’s proven and simple-to-use technology.

“As an attorney, Elise knows firsthand the importance of serving clients efficiently,” said MetaJure CEO Rob Arnold. “Today’s clients not only expect their lawyers to be smart, but they demand more value from each hour of legal services delivered. MetaJure’s automated document management and search system allows lawyers to spend more time delivering client value and less time on record keeping.”

Prior to joining MetaJure, Elise Fandrich practiced as a family law attorney, representing clients in complex and high-conflict litigation, as well as alternative dispute resolution. A graduate of Seattle University Law School, she holds a BA cum laude from Walla Walla University.