Law Sites Review of MetaJure and ILLUMINATE focuses on User-Friendly Approach

Today, Law Sites posted a review of MetaJure and ILLUMINATE. Bob Ambrogi begins with a great explanation of the main problem with document management systems:

”Most document management systems have a problem, and that problem is that they are a bother to use. Documents have to be filed in a certain way, tagged in a certain way, checked in and checked out. Sharing and collaboration often are not intuitive. And when technology is a bother to use, lawyers don’t use it. As a result, many of the documents and emails that should be in the DMS end up left out of it.

MetaJure takes a very un-DMS approach to document management. It does the work for you. Rather than make the user have to file or tag or profile or do anything out of the ordinary to documents, it finds everything and makes it all available through a Google-like search interface.”

Bob goes on to review ILLUMINATE, MetaJure’s DMS supplement, as well. Read Bob’s full review,”MetaJure takes a User-Friendly Approach to Document Management” here.