Let’s Talk: A Plea to IT for Better Legaltech

It’s time for an honest conversation between technology creators, IT professionals and the lawyers they support.

“Advances in information technology should be like gifts from heaven—things that make our work easier, faster and, most of all, higher-quality,” says MetaJure cofounder Kevin Harrang.  But, for many lawyers, today’s technologies result in just the opposite.

Harrang outlines what’s bothering lawyers about the newest technologies in their firms in the latest issue of Peer to Peer, the quarterly publication of the International Legal Technology Association:

  • Adding to demands on their lives, not remove them
  • Requiring retraining and moving away from efficiencies they currently enjoy
  • Forgetting to support individual workstyles
  • Reinforcing some of the attorneys’ worst assumptions and habits.

Both sides have much to gain by sharing a deeper understanding of why things often go awry.  “Perhaps if we can better talk about issues like these, we can once again sing from the same hymnal,” says Harrang.

Read the full article at http://epubs.iltanet.org/i/765798-winter-2016/46