“MetaJure SPOTLIGHT Makes Early Case Assessments Financially Feasible and Fast,” says TechnoLawyer

Today’s latest TechnoLawyer NewsWire reviews MetaJure SPOTLIGHT, the new lightweight Ediscovery software that’s designed for early case assessments and internal investigations. TechnoLawyer highlights the power and capabilities of SPOTLIGHT, as well as the product’s Killer Feature: the right pricing for fast evaluations.

“Launched recently, MetaJure SPOTLIGHT is lightweight ediscovery software designed to capture data from specific devices and make it searchable. Early case assessments and internal investigations can save time and minimize liability,” says the TechnoLawyer reviewer. “These situations call for speed, not perfection. You want to quickly search the email and documents of one person or at most a few custodians. Using a document review platform with lots of bells and whistles at this stage can seem like fishing off a supertanker…”

“SPOTLIGHT costs as little as $1,000 per case regardless of the number of custodians or the volume of data. Companies can install it locally on a server or use it in the cloud (hosting by LexisNexis Managed Data Services is also an option; additional charges may apply). Ideally, companies have a retention policy and install the free SPOTLIGHT Agent on every computer they deploy to facilitate collection at any given time. Alternatively, you can install the Agent onto custodian computers whose data you need to review on an ad-hoc basis…”

Read the full review from TechnoLawyer here.