NetDocuments and ILLUMINATE Now Integrated for Comprehensive Enterprise Search

Like many litigation firms, the legal team in a prominent East Coast insurance recovery firm kept a heavy case load. The large volumes of data and emails associated with their cases were stored in multiple places and not easily searchable. They used NetDocuments to manage client files, but also kept a large number of documents and unstructured client data on a file share outside of NetDocuments.

The firm had no way to simultaneously search all of their information – everything in NetDocuments DMS AND everything outside of NetDocuments DMS – quickly and easily.

The firm turned to MetaJure ILLUMINATE, an Enterprise Search product that complements NetDocuments’ DMS. Now, thanks to full integration of ILLUMINATE and NetDocuments, the attorneys can search and access all information they need efficiently from their desktop, laptop or phone.

“These products now work together seamlessly, potentially saving lawyers and their staff countless hours and dollars every week,” said MetaJure CEO Rob Arnold.

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