Two Law Firms – Two Data Access Problems Solved

As the pressure for efficiency grows, we’re increasingly being asked to help law firms address their historical anomalies. Two law firms spurred our team to develop ILLUMINATE.  Here’s what happened.

Recently a land use, real estate and business firm with 80 attorneys and staff contacted us.  They had two central repositories – one for documents and another for email that, combined, contained more than 7 million files.  The firm needed a fast and easy search solution that would work across both systems without disrupting the data.

Another mid-size firm contacted us because, having just installed a new DMS, their IT group faced what to do with 2 terabytes of unstructured legacy data. Converting and loading the old documents and email was prohibitively expensive and time consuming but leaving the information in a separate share drive meant that the knowledge wasn’t easy to access.

Both firms came to MetaJure for help. Our team responded with ILLUMINATE, a DMS enhancement that uses MetaJure technology.

In the first case, ILLUMINATE provided a fast and easy search solution that worked across both repositories and didn’t disrupt either so the firm could keep their existing structure in place.

With ILLUMINATE, the second firm avoided having to convert their data.  ILLUMINATE automatically indexed the information where it resides and provided an intuitive search interface that works inside their culture.  “MetaJure gets the need for a minimal interface right,” said the firm’s IT Director.  “Our attorneys now have easy access to this valuable content.”

ILLUMINATE works alongside an existing DMS like Microsoft® SharePoint®, Worldox®, iManage®, and NetDocuments® enhancing those systems so they turn into the knowledge management systems firms need.  This DMS supplement automatically captures, OCR’s, indexes and then brings to light the documents, folders, and email that are not making it into a DMS.

With MetaJure ILLUMINATE firms gain easy access to:

  • Legacy data and unstructured information on file shares
  • Case files, including documents from both clients and opposing counsel
  • Dedicated or special network drives, such as those that include only email

MetaJure ILLUMINATE is a SaaS product that is priced for firms with a traditional document management system.  The annual fee for MetaJure ILLUMINATE starts as low as $2,500/year.

Check out this recent product review of ILLUMINATE from TechnoLawyer or download a full summary of MetaJure ILLUMINATE here.