Video: How to Find Critical Information Fast with DMS Supplement ILLUMINATE

Check out this webinar hosted by Paul Purdue from Attorney Computer Systems and “learn how to search beyond the realm of Worldox.” 

With attorneys handling more than 26,000 documents every year—70 per day—email and document management have become major challenges for every modern law firm and legal department. Although half of US firms have a document management system, more than 50% of their emails and documents are outside their DMS. Legal departments face a similar challenge.

MetaJure ILLUMINATE is designed to work alongside an existing DMS like Worldox to provide fast, easy access to 100% of that knowledge.  In this video Paul is joined by MetaJure’s Dan Mintz in a full demo of ILLUMINATE. Now you can find it all!

MetaJure ILLUMINATE is the affordable DMS supplement that brings all of your information to light. Read more about ILLUMINATE here.