Worldox Announces Full Integration with MetaJure SPOTLIGHT eDiscovery tool

Just in time for LEGAL WEEK in New York, World Software Corporation®, the makers of Worldox®, the award-winning document and email management solution, announced it is now fully integrated with MetaJure SPOTLIGHT, the easy-to-use, powerful eDiscovery tool .

MetaJure SPOTLIGHT is ideal for small to mid-size cases, whether lawyers are preparing for litigation, beginning the due diligence for an internal investigation or business transaction, or responding to discovery.

TechnoLawyer highlighted the power and capabilities of SPOTLIGHT, as well as the product’s Killer Feature: the right pricing for fast evaluations in a Hot Product review several months ago. Read the full review from TechnoLawyer here.

Rebecca Sattin, Chief Information Officer of Worldox stated, “While every case requires thorough and smart analysis, not every case justifies expensive eDiscovery software. Integrating SPOTLIGHT with Worldox means that firms can have a powerful eDiscovery solution in just hours. While Worldox gives legal teams the ability to quickly and easily search data, SPOTLIGHT adds the ability to deduplicate and easily produce records without time-consuming data conversions. Additionally, thanks to the software’s intuitive search engine, lawyers and their teams can quickly find and analyze the information they need without wasting a moment.”

MetaJure SPOTLIGHT takes advantage of a proprietary connector through the Worldox API to index all of the documents and data pertaining to a case inside a firm’s Worldox repository, in other dedicated storage sites, and on personal computers, regardless of format, and makes the information immediately searchable. Additionally, MetaJure SPOTLIGHT automatically OCRs image-only documents, ensuring that all data is text searchable by lawyers and staff.

MetaJure representatives will be available at the Worldox booth #328 at LEGAL WEEK to answer questions about the new integration.

Here is a link to Worldox’ full press release, as well as a short description of SPOTLIGHT’s integration from Worldox’ website.